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Beautiful Alps

2021-08-10 23:08:171124

The scenery of the Alps is very fascinating. It is a world-famous scenic spot and tourist attraction. It is called "the palace of nature" and "the real geomorphology exhibition hall" by the world. It is also a sacred place for ice and snow sports and a paradise for explorers.
Mountain glaciers present a polar scenery, and are a mountaineering, skiing, and tourist resort. Many lakes are formed by the action of glaciers in the Alps. Lake Geneva, the largest lake, in addition to the Four Forest Lakes, Lake Zurich, Lake Constance, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como. The beautiful Lake District is a tourist attraction.
The western and central Alps have pleasant scenery, with modern hotels, ski slopes and climbing chairs. Winter skiing attracts a large number of tourists. Many villages and towns between the foothills and valleys have beautiful mountains and rivers, and the environment is elegant. A large number of tourists visit here every year.
In addition, the Alps are also the place where the annual Tour de France must pass. Every year, a large number of tourists are attracted by these two golden signs. While enjoying the beauty of the Alps, they watch the Tour de France live and stand on the side of the road to the athletes. Cheer up.
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