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Three-step layup basic teaching

2021-10-22 15:59:10433

Today is the three-step layup basic teaching

First introduce the steps

Here we take the right layup as an example, the left side layup can be reversed.

The first is the last dribble before the layup, when the left foot is stepping out, as shown below

As the ball bounces back into the hand, the right foot gradually steps out, as shown below

Holding the ball when the right foot is striding out

Then the right foot lands first, which is the pivot foot. Note that the step taken by the right foot should be as large as possible.

Then take a quick step with the left foot

Finally, the left foot takes off and lays up. This jump should be as high as possible.

There are many ways to layup, low layup, high layup, tie rod layup, dunk, etc. Here we only introduce low layup and high layup.

The low layup chart is as shown below

It can be seen here that the low layup is more like picking up the ball by hand

The picture below for the high hand basket

The high hand is a shooting action

Because I decomposed the action in more detail, it looks more complicated, but in fact it is not the case, you will find it very simple when connected.

Take a look at the complete action

Let’s introduce the training method

The first is the ball-free layup training

2.  It’s the practice of having the ball but not dribbling it

3.  The last is a layup training after a dribble

Here to talk about it, novices should not rush for success. The speed can be from slow to fast. At the beginning, it may be very awkward when learning to layup. Practice makes perfect, and the movements will become smoother and smoother.
Hurry up and practice!

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