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Basic dribbling and ball teaching

2021-10-19 21:59:02475

Today we bring you the ball teaching.
Ball, in fact, is the feeling of the ball, especially important for beginners, how to improve the ball? The best way is to touch the ball, seen many children love basketball, holding the ball to sleep at night, the feeling of the ball is good for granted.

Here are a few basic ways to improve the ball, if you are a master you can ignore, but beginners must see! This is the basis, if you search the Internet for a lot of ball training methods, but if you practice every one of them, it would be a waste of time, so I picked out a few important ones, as long as you practice the following, you can move on to the next step. The first is finger dribbling:

1, basic finger dribble. When the ball is mainly used with the fingers to send force, dribble strength and speed as fast as possible, mainly in order to develop the feeling of touch volleyball, and, both left and right hand to practice.

2. Dribble the ball with your fingers around one leg. You can practice this action after you are proficient in the last action. Just follow the action in the figure. Try to increase the dribbling force and speed up the dribbling rate. Both hands should be practiced.

3. Dribble the ball with your "8" finger under your crotch, just follow the movements shown in the picture

Finger dribbling practice these three movements is good, as long as it is to cultivate the feeling of touching the ball and bounce the ball with your fingers, you can proceed with the following training after you are proficient.

1.In-place dribbling, this is the most basic dribbling, especially for beginners in basketball, you must practice well. Remember, you must use your best strength, practice both left and right hands, and don’t look at the ball while raising your head. The left hand is more difficult to train than the right hand, but you must not ignore the left hand. Players who can only attack with the right hand have no future. Beginners start to play. It must be very sour. This is normal. It is done step by step. You will drop the ball when you dribble. You don't have to worry about this. If you are skilled, you will find that the ball will not fall so easily. There are no hard and fast rules about how many times to do, as long as it can be done as in the animation, the requirements are basically completed.

2.V-dribble in place. The point is still to work hard, look up, and the requirement is to be as proficient as in the animation.

3.In and out dribble in and out. The point is to work hard, look up, and the requirement is to be as proficient as in the animation.

4.Front and back V dribble. The point is still to work hard, look up, and the requirement is to be as proficient as in the animation.

The above types of dribbles are the most basic dribbling. There is no regulation on the time of practice. The standard is to be as proficient as in the animation. After being proficient, you can continue to watch my teaching for further training. If these four movements are not proficient, the next training will be very difficult.

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