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The essentials of basketball shooting

2021-09-27 22:47:03897

(1) Shooting in situ:

Action essentials:

1. Shooting from the front of the chest with both hands: hold the ball with both hands above the chest (the height is near the shoulders), hold the ball in the same way as passing the ball with both hands, the elbow joints naturally droop, the upper body is slightly forward, and the feet stand back and forth or left and right. Bend your knees slightly, with your weight between your feet, and focus on the goal. When the shot is strong, push the bottom of the forefoot under your feet, stretch your waist and abdomen, and extend your arms forward and upwards. When your arms are about to straighten out, your wrists are turned outwards at the same time. The strength of the index finger and middle finger throws the ball, and finally the legs, waist and arms are naturally straightened.

2. One-handed shooting on the shoulder: (take the right hand as an example) the five fingers of the right hand are naturally separated (the palm is free), touch the ball above the base of the finger, bend the wrist backward, bend the elbow and hold the ball at the left and right sides of the shoulder and ears, and retract the elbow , The forearm is nearly vertical to the ground, the left hand supports the left side of the ball, the right foot is slightly forward, and the left foot is later, the center of gravity is placed between the feet, the knees are slightly bent, and the goal is to be shot visually. When shooting a basket, push the forefoot of your feet hard, stretch your waist and abdomen, raise your elbows, and extend your arms. When you are about to straighten out, your wrists will bend forward and your fingers will dial the ball. Finally, the ball will be thrown out with the tips of your middle and index fingers. After the ball is shot, the legs, waist, and arms are naturally straightened.

3. Jump on the spot and shoot with one hand on the shoulder: Jump shot for short. It is to jump up in the air to complete the shooting action. It has the characteristics of strong suddenness, quick shots, high shot points and not easy to defend.

(Take the right hand as an example) Hold the ball in front of your chest with both feet, stand naturally forward and backward or left and right, with your legs slightly bent, and your center of gravity between your feet. When taking off, both legs bend the knees quickly, the forefoot pushes the ground vigorously to take off, and at the same time, quickly lift the ball above the head (the take-off and the ball must be coordinated), hold the ball with the right hand, bend back with the wrist, and hold the ball with the left hand. When the body is close to the highest point, leave the ball left, stretch the right arm forward and upwards, and when the forearm is about to straighten out, bend the wrist forward forcefully, index and dial the ball with the middle finger, and throw the ball through the fingertips, with the arm moving in the direction of the ball naturally Straighten. When landing, bend your knees to cushion and keep your body's center of gravity stable.

4. One-handed shots under the basket while on the move:

Action essentials: (take the right hand as an example) take a big step with the right foot, catch the ball before it hits the ground, take a small step forward with the left foot after the right foot hits the ground (buffer the forward horizontal impulse), and push the ground hard Take off while holding the ball on the shoulder (or above the head). When the body reaches the highest point, extend the forearm forward and upward, bend the wrist forward when the right arm is about to be straightened, use the index and middle fingers to dial the ball vigorously, and use the fingertips to dial the ball out, making the shot softly.

5. Low-hand shots at the basket while on the move:

Action essentials: (take a right-handed shot as an example) Take a big step with your right foot, press the ball before landing, step out with your left foot, stride slightly, don’t slow down, push the ground forcefully and jump forward and upward, while holding both hands Move the ball to the right ear of the body and lift it up, leave the ball with the left hand, hold the ball up with the palm of the right hand, extend it toward the basket, then bend the wrist upwards, point the index finger, middle finger, and nameless upwards to throw the ball.
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