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Several technical moves about basketball shooting

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The shooting action has the following technical links: ball holding method, aiming point, coordinated force, shot angle and speed, ball rotation, shooting arc and shooting angle. In the game, there are many factors that affect the shooting percentage, such as: physical fitness, shooting skills, shooting timing, psychological quality, etc., all affect the shooting percentage to a certain extent. Here we mainly analyze how to master the correct shooting technique from the perspective of the internal connection between the shooting technique and the shooting effect, so as to improve the accuracy of shooting.


1. In basketball shooting teaching and training, clearly pointing out the impact of a certain part of the shooting action on the shooting effect is a shortcut for athletes (especially beginners) to learn and master accurate shooting methods.

2. Handle the relationship between shooting action and shooting effect. It is of great practical significance for athletes to improve the accuracy of shooting during training and competitions, and to make targeted and purposeful adjustments.

3. Put forward the relationship between shooting action and shooting effect, which can provide a new attempt for shooting teaching and training methods, which can be applied to shooting teaching training and competitions of athletes at all levels.

4. In training, pay attention to strengthening the strength training of fingers, wrists and arms to improve the coordination of the entire shooting movement

一、 Several phenomena in low shooting percentage

The following phenomena are common in shooting actions with low shooting percentages:

1. The aiming point is not well controlled, which makes the ball's flight direction deviate from left to right;

2. When the ball is flying in the air, it does not spin backward, but spins sideways;

3, the arc throw is either too high or too low;

4, the flight distance of the ball is not well controlled;

5. The concept of the force sequence of the shooting action is vague, resulting in rigid and uncoordinated shooting actions.

二、Analysis of the internal connection between shooting techniques and effects

1. Handle the relationship between fingers, wrists and shooting

         1) Whether the thrown ball rotates backwards around the horizontal axis.

         2) Whether the thrown ball has a deviation in the left and right directions.

         3) The guard is also an important factor that directly affects the accuracy of the shot.

2. Handle the relationship between arms and shooting

3. Re-understand the order of the various parts of the body when shooting

三、Handling of shooting techniques under special circumstances

1. When shooting from close range. This type of shot is closer to the ring, and requires a high degree of parabolic arc of the ball, that is, the closer the distance, the higher the arc. At this time, the shooting should focus on the full back of the wrist, and the forearm extension and speed should be properly controlled.

2. When shooting from a long distance or a super long distance. This type of shot is far from the ring, usually from beyond the three-point line or further away. In addition to controlling the raising range and speed of the forearm, the swing range and speed of the forearm should be maximized while the lower limbs actively cooperate.

3. When the shot is blocked or blocked. This type of shooting is mainly to make the ball avoid or surpass the opponent's block. If it is a close shot that is blocked, increase the range, speed and flexion of the upper arm, the forward bending of the wrist, and the force of the fingers to reduce the movement of the forearm. If it is a long-range shot that is blocked, it is required to increase the power of the shooting action, increase the speed of the ball, and pay attention to the active cooperation of the lower limbs, waist and abdomen, and achieve coordinated and consistent up and down movements. This is the completion of long-range shooting. key.

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