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How to run on the basketball court

2021-09-09 16:14:54717

1. L-shaped running position, first bring the defender from the low position to the upper line, pretend to be put on the pick-and-roll for the ball holder, and then suddenly withdraw, instantly opening up the space!

2. V-shaped running position, press the defender to the bottom line, first loosen and then tighten, suddenly give him a strength, immediately retreat, pocket outside, and catch the ball up the line. Remember, you must do the catching action in advance!

3. Reverse run. Reverse run is when the V-shaped has not completely thrown off the defense, it suddenly starts, cuts in again, makes the defense fall to the air, and kills the basket. Pay attention, the teammate's pass is advanced, so once Hesitate, or have extra action to get rid of, it is easy to make a mistake directly
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