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Tips for removing the smell of new clothes

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I can’t wait to wear the newly bought clothes! But the smell is so big, can I wear it without washing? How to remove the smell? How to wash clothes of different textures?

What is the smell on the new clothes?

In order to prevent yellowing and wrinkling of clothes, businesses often spray formaldehyde on clothes. In addition, new clothes also contain other additives, preservatives, adhesives and other chemicals. These reagents can ensure the quality and shape of the new clothes, but they cause non-negligible harm to the human body.

Harm to human body from odor

The main peculiar smell on new clothes comes from formaldehyde, which is a colorless gas with a strong pungent odor and is easily soluble in water. Formaldehyde is an organic raw material, also known as formalin. It is usually used in the plastic industry, synthetic fiber, leather industry, medicine, dyes, etc. It has strong sterilization and anti-corrosion capabilities.

Formaldehyde mainly has a stimulating effect on the skin and mucous membranes of the human body. When the concentration is too high, people will feel red eyes, itchy skin, itchy eyes, throat discomfort, sore throat, chest tightness, shortness of breath, dermatitis, coughing, sneezing, allergies and other uncomfortable symptoms. In severe cases, it can also cause cell cancer to become tumors. , Or death in shock.

How to remove the peculiar smell of new clothes?

1. Normal cleaning

Some people like to ventilate the new clothes they bought directly, but this will not completely remove the industrial additives on the clothes. Because formaldehyde is easily soluble in water, the new clothes you buy are like ordinary clothes. Soak some detergent for a while or overnight, then wash them normally. After one day of exposure, the peculiar smell on the clothes will disappear. This method is very effective. Most new clothes are effective.

For those with a big peculiar smell, if the clothes have no special requirements, the peculiar smell can be removed by washing and exposing them repeatedly.

2. Other methods

In addition to normal cleaning, some people also use the following cleaning methods to remove peculiar smells: 1) Salt water soaking: Salt has the effect of sterilizing and removing peculiar smells, so it can be washed overnight after soaking in salt water. Some high-end clothes, such as woolen sweaters, should not be soaked in salt water. 2) Odor substitution: While cleaning and removing peculiar smell, you can also add softener, toilet water and other fresheners to remove peculiar smell and increase the fragrance of clothes.

Tips: How to wash new clothes of different textures?

1. Lace texture

A wide range of lace-based clothing is more difficult to wash, and if you are careful, the lace will drop threads. Before washing, shake off most of the dust on the clothes. It is best to wash the lace clothes separately, scrub carefully, or wear gloves to avoid nails to damage the clothes. If there are other clothes to be washed together, you can wash the lace clothes. , So you can protect the clothes well. If it is washing in a washing machine, be sure to cover the clothes with a washing cover to reduce damage.

2. Sweater

High-grade woolen clothes and wool are best not to be washed with water, let alone soaked in hot water, otherwise it will cause the clothes to deform and shrink. For ordinary sweater clothes, first turn the sweater over, choose a mild neutral detergent, soak it in water at about 30°C for a period of time, squeeze the moisture out of the clothes with your hands, do not wring them out, and try to dry them when you dry them. Reduce the stretching of clothes and prevent deformation. If you have a flat drying rack, you can lay clothes flat on it to dry. This is the best way to dry sweaters.

3. Suits

Suits, high-grade woolen cloths, and woolen garments are best dry-cleaned, and the best care can maximize the life of clothes. When washing clothes, dirty clothes such as underwear and socks should be washed separately, high-end clothes and ordinary clothes should be washed separately, and dark clothes and light-colored clothes should be washed separately.
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