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Exercise to improve sexual function

2021-07-21 23:22:211058

With age, many people can no longer cope with sex. Experts say age is one of the factors that affect sexual desire. Of course, other factors can also cause a decrease in libido, such as diet, tobacco and alcohol, emotions, etc., which will also affect our libido.

What factors specifically affect libido

1. Nutrition

Nutrition is the material basis of sexual life. Malnutrition can lead to amenorrhea in women. The results show that lack of important trace elements such as protein and zinc can lead to sexual dysfunction. Adequate and comprehensive nutrition, especially foods containing high-quality protein, vitamins and zinc, can maintain a normal level of sexual function. However, it should also be noted that excessive nutrition can lead to obesity, and severe obesity can easily lead to loss of libido.

2. Alcohol and tobacco

Women's alcoholism can easily lead to sexual dysfunction, reduced vaginal discharge, resulting in sexual pain and lack of pleasure, which leads to a decrease in libido. However, the effects of tobacco and alcohol on sexual function are reversible. After quitting smoking and drinking, most people's sexual function can gradually return to normal levels.

3. Emotions

When a person is in a bad mood, his libido is easy to temporarily decline, especially in the case of extreme sadness, horror, indignation, sadness, depression and despair, his libido will be significantly affected or even completely lost. As the bad mood disappears, libido will recover, but generally speaking, the recovery time is slower than the bad mood.

4. Health status

The impact of health on sexual desire is both important and complex, because only physically and mentally healthy people can maintain normal sexual desire for a long time. However, it is true that some patients with severe diseases also maintain a strong sexual desire just like healthy people. Therefore, we should distinguish between different situations and conduct a specific analysis of this issue.

5. Age

This is an important factor affecting sexual desire. Female libido reaches 30 & mdash peaks at the age of 40, and gradually decreases after menopause. Quite a few young women do not have such a strong demand for sex itself, or even lack initiative. This is not surprising. Their sexual desire needs to be awakened by their husbands.

Ways to improve sexual function through exercise and fitness

1. Operation

Running is a sport that fitness enthusiasts like very much. If you insist on running, you can improve people's immunity and endurance, and can strongly reverse male sexual dysfunction. A survey data from abroad shows that men who often sit in the office are most prone to sexual dysfunction. The quality of their sex life has become very poor. Improving the room is very simple, it is to run for half an hour every day. The quality of sexual life of men who run regularly can be greatly improved.

2. Swimming

The second sport recommended to everyone is swimming, which can also improve the sexual performance of men and has a greater impact on women than men. Butterfly and breaststroke are the most suitable exercises for women to improve their sexual performance. When swimming, the legs are opened and closed one by one, so that women's leg muscles, pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles can be well trained. Women who swim for a long time can relax and contract freely during sex, thereby prolonging the time for men to have sex and easily enter orgasm.

3. Yoga

Many women in life always cannot find happiness in sex, cannot experience happiness, and even feel disgusted. If this situation is delayed, it will become more and more serious. Practicing yoga can make your body flexible enough and have enough strength to better adapt to the other side of the adaptability.

4. Push-ups

The benefits of doing push-ups are obvious. It can help strengthen the muscles of the arms, shoulders and abdomen. If you see a person with a big belly, most people will feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied, and having a solid and sexy waist and abdomen is very attractive. During sexual intercourse, when the male is in a high position, the strength of the waist and abdomen is very important.

5. Squat

When doing squats, many muscles need to be exercised, which stimulates a large amount of hormones, which can enhance a person's libido. At the same time, squatting can increase the strength and endurance of the gluteal muscles and thighs, and help improve sexual performance. Doing squats can also help people build strong and attractive buttocks.

When men have sex, the waist and back arms often play a very important role. Because these limbs are the main focus during male and female sexual intercourse, the long-term effects of the above-mentioned parts are not only conducive to strengthening the arms, waist and back The support, but also can achieve the purpose of improving and enhancing sexual function.

The above introduces five kinds of sports that can improve male function, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Don't fish for three days, and dry your net for two days. Exercise is more important than persistence. You just need to postpone a few minutes every day to improve your sexual performance. Why not? In addition, you can also eat some foods that can improve your sexual performance, such as seafood, chicken, duck, fish, eggs and so on.
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