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Disadvantages of running for a long time

2021-07-21 23:09:481134

Running for a long time will severely damage the joints, bear the impact of the body on the ground during exercise, and continue to wear the joints, resulting in joint tension. At the same time, with aerobic exercise, a large amount of inhaled smoke can also cause respiratory system damage. Once you are addicted to sports for a long time, exercise will also increase the burden on your body.

1. Damage to joints

Running for a long time can damage the joints of the human body, especially the knee and ankle joints. When running, the joints of the human body need to bear more pressure than usual walking, and the joints are repeatedly impacted by this force, which causes strain on the joints and declines in function.

2. Inhalation of smog

Due to various factors, the smog is getting worse, and the air quality is not good in the morning or in the evening. Running as an aerobic exercise requires sufficient oxygen, which can also inhale a lot of haze, causing damage to the respiratory system.

3. Exercise addiction

After running for a long time, people will gradually become accustomed to or even become addicted. Once they become addicted to exercise and excessive exercise, it is no longer a healthy exercise. It will increase the burden on the body, worsen the spirit, and threaten physical health.
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