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Simple exercise makes you sleep well

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What do you do every night before going to bed and after waking up every morning? Many people will answer: wash your face, brush your teeth, eat supper or breakfast, but few people will exercise their body before and after sleep. If you can’t fall asleep for a long time every night, or if you wake up late in the morning, you can’t get enough energy. It is recommended that you learn the following "sleeping exercises" and "refreshing exercises", which may be of some help to you.

"Sleep exercise"

Action essentials:

1. Kneel knees on the bed or the floor, (if you are on the floor, use cushions or other soft objects to assist) raise your hands, palms forward, and slowly recline your body while inhaling and holding it in your mouth until your head The bottom, arms and back of hands touch the bed surface or the floor. Lift your back waist and hips as much as possible, keeping your knees close to the bed or floor.

2. Keep the above movement for 5-10 seconds, then force your waist to straighten your body to match your exhalation and do prone exercises, extend your arms as far forward as possible, look forward, and your head and forehead can touch the bed or the floor. Keep your knees still.

Note: You don’t need to meet the standards demonstrated by the coach in the picture at the beginning, you can practice step by step. It is best not to eat too much food before going to bed, nor do other strenuous exercises.

supine leg lift exercise

Action essentials: 1. Lie on your back on the bed or floor naturally, with your arms up on both sides of your head, and your legs close together and do a belly-lifting exercise. Your legs can be lifted toward the head as far as possible until the buttocks are lifted.

2. Keep your legs up for 3-5 seconds and then slowly lower your legs to restore your body to the initial state. This exercise can be repeated 3-5 times.

Note: This exercise varies from person to person, you don’t need to pursue the accuracy of the action, just do your best.

"Refreshing exercise"

supine lateral bending exercise

Action essentials: Lie on your back on the bed or floor naturally, lift one hand upwards obliquely and bend sideways with the whole body, hold the other hand forward on the bed or floor, straighten your lower limbs together, and bend the left and right sides. 6-8 times.

Note: Keep your eyes in the same direction as your hand raised, and do it right after you wake up.

Breast expansion exercise

Action essentials: Raise your arms flat forward, make a fist, bend your legs slightly, do a back vibration and retract your arms, and increase the amplitude of the back. At the same time, you should breathe deeply and evenly. The exercise time is 1-2 minutes.

Note: This exercise is best carried out in a spacious and ventilated place such as a balcony, so that you can breathe fresh air, and do it before breakfast.
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