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Precautions for playing football

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What effect does playing football have on people

1. What effect does playing football have on people to exercise

Football, as a sport that is highly sought after by young people, the key is that it can play a role in strengthening the body. Football is not played by walking, but by running, running at high speed on the green field, bouncing, fighting against the body, and exercising in sports.

2. What effect does playing football have on people to relieve stress?

White-collar workers living in the city have to endure tremendous pressure from work during the day. Too much pressure cannot be effectively released, which can easily lead to depression. And playing football is an effective way to relieve stress. Putting down the burden of work, running on the green field to your heart's content, sweating like rain, happily playing a game with the golfers.

3. What effect does playing football have on people to make friends?

Football is a multi-player team sport. A dozen people can play together to have more atmosphere. However, I can't organize so many people by myself, so I have to make appointments with other teams. After a fierce competition, I can make many like-minded friends.

4. What effect does playing football have on people to accelerate metabolism

Playing football will speed up the metabolism in the body, speed up the circulation of blood, and strengthen the functions of the internal organs. The functions of the liver, gallbladder, and gastrointestinal tract will be strengthened, thereby promoting digestion. A child with a good digestive system will have a good physique and will not be easy to get sick. Obesity is not only ugly, but also increases the burden on the heart and kidneys, and even serious diseases. Actively participating in sports since childhood can effectively control body shape and reduce the incidence of obesity. For this reason, parents must encourage their children to play football.

What are the precautions for playing football

1. Prepare breathable and sweat-absorbent sportswear: football sports are more running, and the amount of sweat and movement range are relatively large, which requires that when choosing clothes, choose loose. Breathable and sweat-absorbent sportswear.

2. Wear long-tube football socks: When playing football, you usually choose to wear long-tube socks. On the one hand, it can protect the calf, and on the other hand, it can make the muscles of the legs tighter and more concentrated when playing football.

3. Wear shoes that fit your feet and non-slip: Because playing football, running is the most, and the most important thing in football is kicking with your feet, so the choice of shoes is more important. It must be fit, otherwise the feet will be extremely uncomfortable during exercise, and they must also be non-slip. It is best to use soccer shoes with a sail surface and rubber sole.

4. Wear shin guards and other protective gear: Before kicking a ball, it is best to bring shin guards and ankle guards. Protective equipment such as elbow pads can better protect yourself during sports.

5. Warm-up exercises before kicking: Before kicking, you must do some warm-up exercises that are gentler and less active. For example, jogging for a few minutes, stretching muscles, moving the ankles and knee joints, allowing the body to sweat slightly, pulling the joints and ligaments apart, and moving the joints used in all sports such as ankles, knees, wrists, and hips. , It is conducive to the efficiency of muscle activity and the lubrication of joints, and can prevent sports injuries.

How to give first aid to an injured playing football

1. The compression bandaging method is used for small trauma, blood capillary or venule bleeding, and the blood flowing out is easy to coagulate. Cover the wound with disinfection and boil, and then use a triangle bandage or bandage to compress it.

2. Acupressure hemostasis is generally used for arterial hemostasis. That is, use fingers to press the proximal end of the bleeding artery to the opposite bone surface to block the blood source and achieve the purpose of temporary hemostasis.

3. The tourniquet hemostasis method is used for bleeding in the arteries of the extremities. When pressure bandaging or finger pressure is not suitable for hemostasis, a tourniquet (rubber band or other substitutes) can be used to tie the bleeding near the heart.

4. In addition, bandaging and protecting wounds, reducing the chance of infection, compressing hemostasis, fixing fractures and reducing pain are one of the main techniques of injury first aid. The commonly used materials for dressing are bandages, triangles and so on. If these materials are not available on site, towels, clothing, etc. can be used instead. The bandaging action should be skillful, soft, and tight.
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