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Sausage and Cheese Sandwich

2022-03-24 16:12:13339

After the bacon sandwich,

Continue to replace the bacon with sausage to try

Sichuan-style Chinese sausage, slightly spicy

Stuffing in sandwiches,

It seems to be pretty good too. . .

Material: 4 pieces of toast,     Several slices of boiled sausage,     Cheese 2 slices, slices of cucumber,     Moderate amount of yellow mustard sauce.

Cut the cucumber and sausage into thin and even slices.

Take a piece of toast and spread it with mustard sauce.

Arrange the cucumber slices. Cover with cheese slices.

Then place the sausage on the cheese slices.

Cover with another piece of toast.

Preheat the sandwich maker. Put on the prepared sandwiches.

Cover, snap, and heat for a few minutes.

Uncover. Remove from pan, let cool and serve.

The sandwich is looming. . .

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