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What fruit is healthier to eat after exercise?

2021-07-20 23:26:191162

Will eating food after exercise make it easier to get fat?

Eating food after exercise does not make it easier to get fat.

During exercise, a large amount of glycogen in the muscles is consumed, so within 1 to 3 hours, the activity of the enzymes that synthesize glycogen in the body will be greatly increased to quickly grab carbohydrates and promote the recovery of muscle glycogen. So it is true that the absorption is good, but the conclusion that it is easy to get fat is wrong. Because the carbohydrates ingested at this time will be preferentially used to synthesize glycogen, and from the beginning of exercise to a period of time afterwards, the energy metabolism environment in the body is not conducive to the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. Therefore, if you want to eat carbohydrate foods, such as bread and rice, choose to eat them within 40 minutes to an hour after exercise. On the contrary, it is less likely to turn these nutrients into fat.

 What foods are better to eat after exercise

1. Protein

In addition to eating foods containing animal protein, you should also eat more soy products rich in plant protein. Soybean sprouts are rich in aspartic acid, which is beneficial to the metabolism of lactic acid in the muscles and delays the appearance of fatigue. It is a cheap and high-quality food suitable for fitness exercisers. Generally speaking, in the 90 minutes after training, protein demand reaches its peak, and protein supplementation has the best effect at this time. The main protein-rich foods are: lean meat, eggs, fish, milk and beans.

2. Vitamins

Fresh vegetables and fruits contain a variety of vitamins. As long as you often eat different types of vegetables and fruits, you can get the vitamins needed by the human body.


Generally, adequate carbohydrates should be added before fitness exercises to ensure liver glycogen storage, provide energy for training and maintain blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates should be added in time after exercise to promote the recovery of muscle glycogen and liver glycogen. Foods rich in carbohydrates are mainly: rice, cereals, potatoes, vegetables and fruits.

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