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Fitness requires a reasonable diet

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Fitness also requires a reasonable diet. Only paying attention to fitness without paying attention to diet cannot guarantee the effect. Due to the Chinese lifestyle and social entertainment, men are prone to "general belly".

Scientific research has shown that people need about 6g of salt a day. Compared with the north, the South, where the diet is very light, has reached 11g of salt per day. Lucai has a heavy taste, and the intake of salt and oil is certain. More. A large intake of salt will not only make people fat, but also be harmful to the heart and kidneys.

Of course, a light diet does not mean that no attention is paid to nutrition. Experts list a suggested recipe:

Breakfast: an egg, a cup of skim milk.

Lunch: Light meals, eat some beef and mutton appropriately, and try not to drink alcohol.

Dinner: If you exercise at around 6 o'clock, you can add a meal at 4 o'clock. Wait until 8 o'clock after the exercise to eat dinner, if you are not hungry, you can eat some fruits.

Another thing to pay attention to is not to use fruits as the main food, and do not affect the dinner due to any food or fruit. You can eat less and lighter meals, but you must eat. Reasonable staple food and reasonable training and rest can achieve the best fitness. Effect.

It’s best to go to a regular fitness club to find a dedicated fitness instructor. If you choose to exercise at home, like walking or going up and down the stairs, increase your speed, and continue uninterrupted for 25 minutes. It is considered aerobic exercise. After 25 minutes, slow down and keep the speed for 5 to Just 10 minutes, don’t stop in between. In addition, muscles can be exercised like sit-ups and push-ups. No matter what exercise you do, you should do aerobics first, and then do partial training, so that the effect is better, otherwise, only doing partial without aerobics will have no effect. In addition, you must pay attention to the accuracy of the posture during exercise, otherwise it will cause harm to the body.

40-year-old men’s fitness diet should pay attention to the problem, therefore, it is necessary to reduce the intake of salt. Men in fitness should pay special attention to the light diet. If you are a man who exercises for weight loss, he should eat more carbohydrate foods. With the intervention of compounds, fitness can be effective.
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