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How to recover from pain in hind limbs when climbing a mountain

2021-07-22 22:40:291168

If you haven't climbed the mountain for a long time, I firmly believe that for some people, there is no doubt that they will feel pain in the back foot, which can also prove that they have not exercised for a long time. Then, if the leg is sore, it usually takes a few days to recover. If you do not understand and pay attention, the pain will become more painful the next day after climbing. What is the recovery method for hind leg pain after climbing?

What are the ways to recover from sore legs after climbing

一 : Use massage techniques

If you still feel sore head and legs after climbing, you can use a simpler method, namely massage, which is more effective. Of course, if you want to massage, don't use too much energy during the massage at this time. You can gently pat the degenerated muscles of the whole body, and then gradually massage. In that case, you can also relieve some pain, and the actual effect will be better.

二 : Use warm water to wash your feet or hot compress

As we all know, boiling water can actually speed up the blood circulation system. In addition, it can also take away some deposits from the body. In addition, it can also relieve some aches and pains and promote the rapid recovery of muscles throughout the body. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone can soak their feet in hot water, or soak them in pure cotton towels with boiling water, and then gently apply to the degenerated and painful areas. After application, they must soak for about half an hour to get some relief.

三 : adopt restorative exercise method

After climbing the mountain, many people came the next day, and their body pain was gradually increasing. At this time, they can do some moderate fitness activities, which is conducive to the recovery of the next day. For example, stretching your legs, or patting your back lightly, bending and stretching slightly, can have very good practical results. In addition, using restorative exercise methods, the actual effect will be relatively more significant, and the speed of recovery will be faster.

四 : pay more attention to rest

Finally, if the foot feels pain after climbing and there is really no way to walk too much, I suggest that everyone should pay more attention to rest at this time, and there is no need to increase the intensity of exercise. It can also be used after heating. After all, a tired human body can take a break to relieve fatigue, and sore hind legs can also naturally relieve to a certain extent.

If your legs hurt after climbing, you can use the above four methods to recover, and the actual effect will be more significant. In addition, there are many ways to treat pain in the hind limbs, but some people suggest that everyone should exercise more, so that the pain in the hind limbs will not be easy when climbing a mountain.
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