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Chinese historical sites -- Gui lin - Yangshuo Attractions

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Yangshuo must-see attractions - West Street, Yulong River, Xanadu, Moon Mountain, Yinziyan, Impression Liu Sanjie, Eternal Love (performance)

1. Yangshuo West Street

West Street is a historical street in Yangshuo. West Street was built in 1674. It faces the Li River in the east, faces Dongling in the east, Gaozze Peak in the west, and is next to Bilian Peak. The pavement is about 8 meters wide and nearly 800 meters long. It is paved with locally produced betel nut pattern marble. It is dark green and bright, with low brick and tile houses left over from the Qing Dynasty on both sides, white powder walls and red windows, revealing the simplicity and elegance of Lingnan architecture. The early West Street was not as long as it is now. It gets its name from its geographical location. After the stone city wall was built in Yangshuo County from the Yuan Dynasty to the Zheng Dynasty, the street in front of the county government was Shuqian Street, which was connected to a side street from east to west, and the next section to the south to Bilian Peak was an alley. The east section leads to the city wall by the Li River and connects with South Street. Later, this area is generally called Cross Street, and the longer section to West Street is called West Street. After more than 1,400 years, West Street is an ancient and prosperous street in Yangshuo and one of the important tourist attractions in Yangshuo. Ming city walls, inscriptions, ancient temples, ancient pavilions, former residences of celebrities, memorial halls and other ancient buildings are relatively well preserved. West Street used to be the place where Mr. Sun Yat-sen gave speeches, and art master Xu Beihong also lived here. Leaders of more than 150 countries have left their footprints here.

Opening Hours: Open all day

Scenic Address: Guilin Yangshuo County Center

2. Yulong River AAAA Scenic Spot

Yulong River is a river located in Yangshuo County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province. It refers to the section from Baisha Xanadu to Darongshu Industrial and Agricultural Bridge. It is about 16 kilometers long, 38-61 meters wide and 0.5-2 meters deep. The water quality is clear all year round and the water flow is slow. The peaks on both sides of the Yulong River are beautiful and winding, rolling and undulating with thousands of shapes. The water of Yulong River is like green emerald, clear and translucent, fish swimming leisurely, water rafts swaying, one by one can be seen. The breeze blew across the water, creating ripples, like the notes played by a violin, quietly and gently.

The Yulong River is the longest tributary of the Li River in Yangshuo, with a total length of 43.5 kilometers and a drainage area of ​​158.47 square kilometers. "Little Li River", not Lijiang is better than Lijiang. Especially from Yulong Bridge to Gongnong Bridge 15.36 kilometers of water, there are 28 weirs and more than 100 scenic spots. The entire Yulong River scenic spot has no so-called modern buildings, no traces of artificial carving, no urban noise, everything is so Primitive, natural, simple and pure, it is actually the largest pure natural landscape garden in Guilin. If the Lijiang River is compared to "the beautiful lady of the family", then the Yulong River is the "Little Family Biyu", which is also called "Little Lijiang River".

Experts at home and abroad have unanimously confirmed that "Yulong River is the world's first-class natural heritage shared by human beings." The oasis of balance, the embrace of lovers, the reflection of Pinghu, the scenic spot of Xiatang, the ancient ferry of Shuangliu, the dreamy river valley, etc., make people feel as if they have entered the poetic realm of the unity of nature and man, and return to the natural world of freedom.

3. Xanadu AAAA Scenic Spot

Go north along the Guiyang Highway, only a ten-minute drive from Yangshuo, and you will arrive at the "Xanadu". She stands quietly on the edge of the city like a simple village girl, neither ostentatious nor pretentious, natural and full of interest. Yangshuo's "Xanadu" is mainly composed of lotus pond, Yanzi Lake, Yanzi Cave, Dong style and primitive tribes. In Xanadu, you will feel the tranquility, clarity and deepness of Yanzi Lake. Around Yanzi Lake, villages, fields, and peach willows are flat and flat, harmonious and interesting; when you go to Lusheng Mountain, the enthusiastic "Bamai" (tribal dialect, "friend") (meaning) will invite you to dance together, and Taoyuan will reproduce the artistic conception of "the herbs are delicious and the fallen flowers are colorful" for you. Here, there are also songs and dances by young men and women of the primitive tribes at the foot of Bijia Mountain, such as the century-old red maple, the Drum Tower in Dong Township, and the Beacon Hill.

Xanadu In the East, Xanadu is synonymous with the ideal realm of human life, equivalent to the blissful world or paradise in the West. For thousands of years, people have been pursuing and deliberately creating the "Xanadu" in their imagination. In the landscape kingdom of Guilin, there is a "Xanadu" in the places around the city.

4. Moon Mountain AAA Scenic Spot

Moon Mountain is a wonder in Yangshuo. It is near Fenglou Village, Gaotian Township, with a height of more than 380 meters. Because there is a big hole running through the top of the mountain, it looks like a bright moon, high and bright, so people call it Mingyue Peak, commonly known as Moon Mountain.

Visitors can go directly to the Moon Cave along an 800-level hiking trail. This Moon Cave is bizarrely large, with a height and width of 50 meters, but the mountain wall is only a few meters thick. The two walls of the cave are flat like walls, but the top of the cave is covered with stalactites of various shapes. Two of them are very similar to Wu Gang and Jade Rabbit in the Moon Palace. On sunny days, visitors can see the blue sky and white clouds through the moon hole, like a round mirror hanging on the top of the mountain. Since there is a circular hill on the north side of the Moon Cave, visitors can walk along the Moon Viewing Road in the south of the mountain to view the Moon Cave from different angles, and they can see different scenes of the full moon, the half moon and the crescent moon. In the Qing Dynasty, Xu Ting claimed that this scene was the peak of the moon hanging on it. Since a corner of the cliff collapsed in the past, the remains are still alive. There is no shortage of roundness in the mountains and moonlight. Yuechushan Hui Ren to stay. This mirror will never be worn for eternity, and I will travel with you in the vast cold. Along the more than 800-level hiking trail, you can directly reach the Moon Cave. The Moon Cave is bizarrely large, with a height and width of 50 meters, so the mountain wall is only a few meters thick. The two walls are flat like walls, and the top is covered with stalactites of various shapes, two of which are very similar to Wu Gang and Jade Rabbit in the Moon Palace. On a sunny day, looking at the blue sky and white clouds through the Moon Cave is like a round mirror hanging on the top of a mountain. If there is rain, the smoke is lingering, and the moonlight is hazy, what year will it be. If you are driving a car to view the Moon Mountain, the shape of the stone arch will gradually change from a curved first quarter moon to a half moon, a full moon, and then a last quarter moon, which is very wonderful.

5. Yinziyan AAAA Scenic Spot

Yinziyan Scenic Area is located in Maling Town, Lipu County, Guilin City, 85 kilometers away from the center of Guilin and 18 kilometers away from Yangshuo County. Opened to the outside world in 1999, it is a national 4A-level scenic spot. The scenic spot is like a huge natural bonsai, surrounded by mountains, thousands of acres of peach forests are scattered in it, ancient villages are located on the mountains, chickens and dogs can hear each other; idyllic scenery, cliff climbing, lakes and mountains, beautiful, has a "poetic home model". nickname. Yinziyan runs through 12 peaks and is famous for its "majestic, strange, secluded and beautiful". The cave is secluded and twists and turns. It gathers stalactites developed and grown in different geological ages. They sparkle like silver and diamonds. They are crystal clear and flawless. It is called "Wonder of Caves in the World". Yinziyan Scenic Area integrates food, accommodation, travel and entertainment. It has complete facilities, excellent service and elegant environment. It is an ideal tourist resort, conference and leisure resort. "Get to know the beautiful landscapes of China, starting from the Li River and Yinziyan..."

Opening hours: 8:00—18:00

Scenic Address: Maling Town, Lipu County, Guilin City

6. Impression Liu Sanjie (Performance)

"Impression·Liu Sanjie" is a large-scale real-life landscape performance based on the two-kilometer waters of the Li River in the Shutong Mountain section of Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi, with twelve peaks and the sky as the background, integrating Liu Sanjie's folk songs, Guangxi ethnic customs and Guilin landscapes and other elements. . The performance, directed by Zhang Yimou, was officially staged for the first time on March 20, 2004 in Guilin, Guangxi. By 2008, "Impression: Liu Sanjie" had accumulated 2,000 performances, with an audience of 3 million and a box office revenue of 600 million yuan.

Since it is a live performance of landscapes, lighting is what supports this live stage. "Impression·Liu Sanjie" also embodies a vivid and luxurious style. It uses the current domestic large-scale environmental art lighting project and unique smoke effect project to create a poetic and dream-like visual effect. Since ancient times, Guilin landscapes have once made people appreciate the graceful, soft, delicate, flamboyant and mysterious beauty under the lanterns. "Impression·Liu Sanjie" is to a large extent a truly luxurious lantern festival, building a spectacular stage lighting art sanctuary, sublimating the Guilin landscape from a new perspective.

Attraction features: large-scale landscape performances, a combination of nationality and modernity, a gluttonous visual feast.

Tour time: one show in the off-season and two shows in the peak season. The performance time is about 1 hour. The general start time is 20:00 in the evening, depending on the number of shows.

7. Guilin Eternal Love (performance)

The large-scale song and dance "Eternal Love in Guilin" uses unique directing techniques and new forms of expression to demonstrate the quality and international level of Songcheng. The whole play is divided into "Legend of Guilin", "Earth Flying Song", "Eternal Spirit Canal", "Lijiang Love Song" and "Looking for Liu Sanjie". Within an hour, hundreds of actors and tens of thousands of stage machines interacted with thousands of audiences in a 360° all-round way. With incredible stage stunts and space creativity, they performed fascinating volumes of ethnic customs. , and let people ups and downs in a sense of time and space in an experiential movie.

Attraction address: Guangxi Province, Guilin, Yangshuo, Guilin, Eternal Love Avenue

Opening hours: 10:00-21:00 (The closing time of the Guilin Eternal Scenery Area is subject to the end of the last performance of the day)

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