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Kennedy Space Center

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Attractions Kennedy Space Center is located on Merritt Island, Florida, and is an important base for NASA. Here witnessed brilliant events in American history, such as the Kennedy speech, the first American satellite, the moon landing, manned spacecraft, space station, interstellar probe, Hubble telescope, etc. It consists of a work area, launch center, and visitor center.

The visitor center includes multiple museums and two IMAX cinemas. You can visit the work area and launch site to understand the story behind the rocket launch, and you can also experience the feeling of Apollo 11 taking off and landing. Space Mirror Memorial (SpaceMirrorMemorial) is engraved with the names of astronauts who died in service, and the lives of these astronauts are recorded on the nearby fluorescent screen. Various exhibitions also allow you to understand the history and related knowledge of the United States' aerospace.

Opening hours All year round 10:00-16:00; daily opening hours will be adjusted, please refer to the official website of the scenic spot Preferential treatment policy Children: 2 years old and below, free Service Facilities Parking lot: [Kennedy Space Center parking lot] Reference price: motorcycle-$5.00; car-$10.00; oversized vehicle, RV or RV-$15.00; address: /; storage space: /; annual pass holders free parking And a valid pass. Visitors with multi-day tickets can get a free parking ticket
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