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Empire State Building

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Attractions The Empire State Building with a total height of 444 meters stands on Manhattan Island in New York City and is a symbol and symbol of New York and the entire United States. As a landmark building in New York, the Empire State Building is famous for its unique landscape. Visitors can see the skyline of Manhattan from the observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floors and enjoy the 360-degree view of New York City. It has always been the world A tourist attraction that tourists from all over the world yearn for. Observation Deck on the 86th Floor: Indoor and outdoor observation decks, located on the 86th floor, 1,050 feet (320 meters) above the ground, with optional audio guides in eight languages ​​including Mandarin. This is the tall open-air observation deck in New York. Visit the open-air observation deck on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building and feel the thrill of being in the center of the world and on top of the world. As the world's observation deck, the 86th floor observation deck has been used as the background for numerous movies and TV shows, as well as countless private photos. The observation deck is centered on the spire of the building and provides 360-degree panoramic views of New York and the wider area. From here you will enjoy unique views of Central Park, Hudson and East Rivers, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and more.

Our multimedia handheld devices can guide your viewing from all directions. You can also use our high-performance binoculars to get a clearer view. The indoor observation deck on the 102nd floor is located on the 102nd floor, 1,250 feet (381 meters) above the ground. In 2016, in order to provide visitors with a detailed explanation of the exhibition and a full range of beautiful scenery, and to lead visitors to appreciate the nearly 100-year history of this building, the Empire State Building Observation Deck officially launched its new mobile guide APP, and provides free WIFI for visitors to download . The navigator is divided into two versions in Chinese and English, designed to allow tourists from all over the world to download and learn more about the content according to their language needs. Chinese tourists can directly search for "Empire State Building" in the AppleStore to get the Chinese version, and Android users can also download it via GooglePlay overseas. The guide can provide standard Mandarin voice explanation services. When visitors visit the Empire State Building, multimedia equipment will guide them through audio and video to explore four areas: the "Energy-saving Renovation" exhibition hall, the "Dare to Dream" exhibition hall, and finally lead to the 86th floor and 102nd floor observation decks of the Empire State Building.

The system application is both interesting and informative. In addition to enjoying videos and pictures about the Empire State Building on the device, visitors can also participate in the Empire State Building knowledge quiz. Not only that, but for the convenience of overlooking the city from the Empire State Building observation deck Visitors to other attractions have a more comprehensive understanding of New York, and the guide also sets up detailed information about New York City attractions. I believe that through such a convenient multimedia experience, visitors will have a deeper understanding of the architecture, history, and unshakable international status of the Empire State Building. Why are you still hesitating? Come and experience the Empire State Building Observation Deck! Opening hours 11/1-12/18 11:00-22:00 (11/26-11/29 extended to 23:00 closed), 12/19-2021/1/3 11:00-23:00, 2021/ 1/4-2/21-2/28 12:00-21:00. The opening hours of the scenic spot may be adjusted at any time, please check the official website of the scenic spot before you travel. May be closed on holidays. Preferential treatment policy Children: Age: 3 years old (inclusive) ~ 12 years old (inclusive), child ticket Service Facilities Parking lot: [Parking lot] Reference price: unknown; address: 33rd Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway; location: unknown; the nearest parking lot is located on 33rd Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway opposite the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building is only a few minutes’ walk from all locations in Manhattan. Luggage storage: The Empire State Building does not have a luggage storage area. It is recommended to take a tour after placing large luggage. Scenic explanation: The new Empire State Building mobile app has specially developed a Chinese version of the audio guide. The Empire State Building provides free WIFI for you to download. It can help visitors to learn more about the history, architectural details, and sustainable development of the Empire State Building. Apple mobile phone users can directly search for "Empire State Building Guide" in the App Store to get the Chinese version, and Android users can use Google Play download. Disabled access: The Empire State Building fully complies with ADA standards. We have a disabled lounge on the 86th floor observatory, as well as a lowered viewing wall and binoculars. Service dogs are allowed in the entire building, and electric and non-motorized wheelchairs are allowed. There is a ramp on the 86th floor, which makes it easier to bypass the viewing wall, so that visitors on the chairs can still enjoy the beautiful scenery. The 102nd floor is currently high and difficult to enter, but we are working hard to make it easier for all visitors to visit. Souvenir shop: The newly remodeled gift shop is located on the second floor, allowing guests to appreciate the famous art deco design of the building. It offers a selection of gifts, including colorful Empire State Building brand clothing, holiday decorations and unique Empire State Building designs. Make your memories lasting and take home things that symbolize the global influence of the beloved skyscraper as an architectural innovator and pop culture icon. The Empire State Building official store is open seven days a week, from 8 am to 2 am. Must-see tips 1. It is recommended that the visit time is 8 am, 3 pm, or after 11 midnight after completing a day's New York itinerary. 2. There is only one main entrance to the Empire State Building between 33rd-34th Street, Fifth Avenue, and 34th Street for the disabled. 3. All tourists must pass the security check. For safety reasons, all glass objects, camera shelves, alcoholic beverages, and cans are prohibited from being brought into the Empire State Building. At the same time, the Empire State Building does not have a special area for storing personal belongings, so it is recommended to bring your belongings when visiting. 4. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the 86th floor saxophone will be performed from 21:00 to 24:00. Tourists can dance romantically to the beautiful music, which is a good time to propose marriage. 5. Guests can choose to pay to receive a framed group photo of the Empire State Building, as a memorial to the summit of the Empire State Building in New York. 6. For Chinese tourists, the Empire State Building also provides free official commemorative certificates in both Chinese and English versions of the Empire State Building. After the tour, Chinese tourists can get them at the information counter on the first floor with their tickets and passports. Each is signed by the director of the Empire State Building Observation Deck, which is of collection and commemorative value.
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