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Grand Canyon National Park

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Attractions The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is a part of the Colorado Plateau in northern Arizona, USA. It is formed by the Colorado River passing through the plateau. It is one of the national parks worth seeing in the United States. It is not only suitable for young travellers who are physically active and loves climbing, but also suitable for lazy people who only love to drive to see the beautiful scenery. 1. South Rim (South Rim) is the most visited route by tourists. The self-driving highway on the southern route is quite well repaired, and it can be opened from the east gate to the south gate. The free public transport system in Nanxia is also quite developed, and the four bus lines allow tourists without a car to "do whatever they want" within Nanxia.

However, due to the large number of tourists in the Grand Canyon, some tourist routes in the South Gorge only allow buses to pass. The routes that are only allowed by bus are the "Red Route" to HermitsRest, and the "Yellow Route" to KaibabTrail and YakiPoint. 2. The North Rim has a higher altitude, a higher chance of precipitation, and a lot of snow in winter, so the year-round opening hours are shorter. It is the opposite of the South Rim, with the Grand Canyon in between. North Gap can be accessed from this side of Utah. The mountain road here is rugged and long, with large meadows covered with wildflowers and soft poplars and spruces. Due to the altitude, the air here is thin and the sky is blue. It's a good place for you to be alone in the wild. Compared with Nanxia, ​​it is colder and more humid here.

3. West Rim Regarding the West Rim, this part of the canyon is adjacent to the west side of the Grand Canyon National Park and belongs to the Indian Reserve, not within the scope of the national park. 4. The recommended hiking trail-GrandviewPointTrail starts at GrandviewPoint. The starting point is 2256 meters above sea level. It goes down to the bottom of the valley. The route is quite vertical. Sometimes when you look up and see the cliffs and white clouds in the sky, you will get the illusion that the cliffs are pressing down on you. It takes about 3 hours to go back and forth. The time is not long, it is difficult and challenging, very interesting. The road is steep and original, please don't try it if you wear leather shoes. The temperature at the bottom of the valley is much higher than the top of the valley, so you need to bring enough water. Opening hours The scenic spot is temporarily closed. For details, please refer to the announcement of the scenic spot. The original opening hours were: South Rim is open all day, and North Rim is open from May 15th to October 15th. Must-see tips 1. In the summer, it is recommended to start hiking into the canyon before sunrise, and do not hike down into the canyon between 10 am and 4 pm. The temperature in the canyon is significantly higher than at the top, and may be as high as 43 degrees Celsius. 2. If you must hike into the canyon at noon, you should consume enough high-calorie food. More than 30 minutes of hiking (down the valley), you should add food and water. 3. It is recommended to wear rainproof, windproof, and sunproof clothing, wear and wear sunscreen, and wear long-sleeved clothes to prevent the skin from being exposed to direct sunlight. It is recommended to wear a sun hat, a pair of sunglasses, and a small light. 4. Accommodation or camping in the park needs to be booked in advance. When booking, please indicate whether you are staying in the North Gorge or South Gorge of the Grand Canyon. Campsites usually fill up quickly, so you need to book as early as possible.
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