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New York State Temple

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The majestic temple is located on the east coast of New York. In addition to this unique thousand-year-old Guanyin statue in America, the temple’s residence and the collection of the memorial library are also a major attraction, attracting hundreds of scholars to study Buddhism and comparative religion. Ju He is the wife of Dr. Shen Jiazhen. They and his wife destroyed the family and donated to build the dignified temple. They spared no effort. Dr. Shen Jiazhen, who was originally a son of the American aviation industry, sold all the ships and purchased the land of thousands of acres of mountains, forests and lakes to build a dignified state.

Temple. Established the Institute of Religious Studies, and invited the world-renowned engineering designer Dr. Pei Io-ming to design the Guanyin Temple, which is based on the style of the ancient temple of the Tang Dynasty, without iron nails. The Daxiong Hall and other buildings were added one after another, and the eminent monk Dade was invited to be stationed in Xi to preach the scriptures and teach the Dharma. For academic scholars, the Heru Memorial Library is indeed the biggest treasure house, so many scholars have come here. Engaged in research, and produced a CD-ROM of Buddhist scriptures for the benefit of the world. Another attraction of the solemn temple is the joint prayer meeting of various religions. It has invited people from all major religions to pray together in the temple several times. According to TV and media publications, forty or fifty monks and nuns from the nearby Catholic Church of San Marino were invited. The temple, together with Buddhists, pray for world peace.

The believers of the two religions, separated on two sides, under the thousand-year-old Guanyin statue, pray with their own rituals one after another, each sings their own chants, and each recites their own prayers. -After the meeting, the solemn temple will serve vegetarian meals, and the two parties will eat together and exchange experience. This kind of harmonious coexistence may be the only one in the world. If the religions in the world can respect each other and cooperate in such harmony, they will definitely contribute to the promotion of world peace. It is a pity that only the Catholic Church is willing to cooperate with the Zhuangyan Temple, and no other religions have any enthusiastic responses. If you travel to the US East, you might as well visit the solemn temple, you will have another spiritual experience. However, you may not see Dr. Shen Jiazhen, who has retired and lived in seclusion. If you are lucky, you may listen to his irregular speeches. Address: 2020 Rte 301, Carmel, NY Type: Temple Phone: +1 845-225-1819 Official website: http://www.baus.org/en/ Opening hours: The Zhuangyan Temple is open to the public based on actual activities. For detailed event dates, please visit: http://www.baus.org/en/?cat=108 Ticket information: Free and open.
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