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There is a gift shop called "Cell Block 41" (Cell Block 41) beside Pier 41. After going to the island, someone will explain the rules of the island on the shore. Remember that the toilet and automatic drinking fountain are right by the dock. Because you enter the cell area, there is no water to drink, and you have to go to the peculiar mobile public toilet to experience the treatment of prisoners.  Check out the classic action movie "Stone Breaking" filmed on Alcatraz Island. Introduction Alcatraz Island (Alcatraz Island) is a 22-acre (approximately 89,000 square meters), rocky island.

This is the place where 0 serious prisoners in the United States were imprisoned in the past. The villains who have been imprisoned here include Chicago. Godfather "Al Capone", "Birdman" Robert Stroud (Robert Stroud) who is extremely talented in killing people but with extraordinary talents, and the cold-blooded "machine gun" killer George Kelly (George Kelly), etc. . The island is surrounded by icy waves and ferocious bloodthirsty sharks. It is impossible to escape and survive. Prisoners can only look at the vigorous San Francisco through the bars of the prison and accept another cruel mental punishment. Nowadays, in the shops on the island, there are memoirs of those prisoners whose sentences have expired. They all claim that it is a "painful experience that will never be remembered forever." Although the island has a gloomy history, it is also a sanctuary for wildlife, attracting brown pelicans, night herons, western seagulls and many other species of birds to inhabit.

The transportation is to take the blue and Golden Fleet ferry from Pier 41 of Fisherman's Wharf. Ferry schedule: There are 10 ferry boats to Alcatraz Island from 9:30-14:15 at Pier 41, and 13 ferry boats to Pier 41 from 9:50-16:30 on Alcatraz Island. Ferry tickets: Except for ferry tickets, tourists do not need to pay any ticket fees after landing on the island. There are two types of boat tickets, one of which is an additional headset fee. The headset contains a guide to the island’s attractions. After landing on the island, tourists can pick up headsets from the staff at the gate of the prison. The cost of the ferry ticket depends on the headset/without headset is divided into: adult USD 12.25/8.75, 10.5/7 yuan for 62 years old and over, and 7/5.5 yuan for 5-11 years old. Booking Tel: 705-5555 San Francisco, U.S .A
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